In 2020,Nano developed high bandwidth SOC chips-Cuckoo and have gone into mass production stage successfully. The Cuckoo chips are applied in the world’s first Grin ASIC miners supporting C31/C32- iPollo G1 Miners.

Mining Algorithm used in our miners

Algorithm:Cucktoo31 / Cucktoo32
Hashrate:40graph/S Grin-C32
Average Power:2800W

Q&A about iPollo G1 – the first kind of GRIN miners

How is the hashrate of iPollo miners?

G1 is the first kind of GRIN ASIC Miner around the world. Through deep analysis and evaluation, it is proved that G1 provides a total 40G hashpower, which creates profits more than 1000 Yuan/day and ranks first among the current miners, causing a great hit in the whole industry.

iPollo GRIN Miner G1 is the world first GRIN miners. Through evaluation by several parties, G1 has the highest profit, lowest electricity-cost, and highest technical content. Currently it can mine more than 250 Grin/day, producing more than 1000 yuan yields per day.

Has been sold out.