——Household Grin Asic Miners
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1、 Product
G1-Mini is ASIC Miner, is the mini-sized domestic version of G1.

Initial offering price of G1-Mini: has been sold out.
All digital currency involved in this sale will be uniformly charged and processed by iPollo's strategic partner Interhash.
To improve the liquidity in Grin network, you need to pay with Grin and you can get a discount of 5% (The exchange rate is confirmed with our sales staff in real time).
This price is only for the device, which means other expenses like express fee and insurance expenses are not included.
Has been sold out.
You can contact our sales in three ways:
1. WeChat:interhash

2. Telegram:https://t.me/iPolloGlobal
You can ask questions directly in the telegram group.
3. Email:interhash@ipollo.com
If you can't reach us through the first two ways, you can contact us by email. Further, you can send messages to our sales' personal email address.
For more questions, please contact our staff through the above three ways.